14 七月 2024

Happy National Day to all our French employees!

For the record, every July 14 in France celebrates the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 📅

Military parades, fireworks 🎆🧨 and balls are organized across the four corners of France to celebrate this historic event!

So let’s all join the party 🎉

6 七月 2024

💙🤍💓 Update on the work at Ecofrost Péronne! 💙🤍💓

We are delighted to share with you the significant progress of our work in Péronne. As you can see in these photos, our teams are working hard to get everything ready as quickly as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts!

2 七月 2024

💙🤍💓 Publication in the Petit Mag de Péronne! 🚀

We are delighted to appear in the latest issue of Petit Mag de Péronne ! The inauguration of our factory construction site in Péronne captured the attention of the entire region, and we are happy to share this adventure with you.

👷‍♀️🏗️ This ambitious project promises to stimulate the local economy and create new opportunities for our community. Find out all the details of our project and what it means for Péronne in the article below .

📰 Read the full article here :

28 六月 2024

EURO 2024 🎉⚽

This Monday the long-awaited FRANCE - BELGIUM match takes place!

We want to celebrate these 2 countries by asking you to come and wear your colors (France/Belgium) to appear in our video on the euro! ⚽

Football jersey, accessories, hats, flags... Everything is welcome!

Here you will find the type of video we want to make! The goal obviously is that everyone can play the game. Videos will be made by department and the department that plays the game best will receive a special reward! 🏆

So, are you ready to do better? 🎉

26 六月 2024

🥔 Discover all the richness of potatoes with our complete range of products! 🌟

Whether you are a fan of crispy fries , golden croquettes or flakes perfect for your preparations, our complete file is ready and waiting for you. Immerse yourself in a world of flavors where each product promises quality and satisfaction.

📞 Ask your sales representative for our folder and let yourself be guided by the best options for your culinary needs. We are at your disposal for any information and to help you make the perfect choice.

24 六月 2024

💙🤍❤️ Special Day for Ecofrost Péronne! 💙🤍❤️

Last Thursday, June 20, we had the pleasure of welcoming many visitors to our factory. A key moment for our project which brought together major players from various backgrounds. A huge thank you to France Travail, Mission Locale, Start People, Agro-Sphères, Manpower, Adequat, Supplay, Lycée Pierre Mendes France Péronne, Action Agricole Picarde, Hexagon Recrutement, Groupe Crit and France 3. 🤩

Your presence and your commitment to Ecofrost Péronne demonstrate the interest and confidence you have in our vision. Together, we are building the future, and your involvement is essential to our success. 🥔

🌟 #Innovation #Collaboration #EcofrostPéronne 🌟

14 六月 2024

🚧 New Péronne update! 🏗️

We are delighted to share with you the evolution of our project in Péronne. Every day we take a step closer to realizing our vision, and today we want to show you where we are.

📸 Scroll down to see the latest images from the site!

Stay tuned for more updates!

4 六月 2024

🌟 What a success at the PLMA show in Amsterdam on May 28 and 29! 🌟

A fantastic opportunity for us to meet supermarket leaders and showcase our latest innovations.

🤝 Thank you to everyone who came to discuss and discover our products. See you soon for new adventures together!

📸 Here are some highlights of the event!

#PLMA #Amsterdam #PrivateBrands #Innovation #Supermarket

23 五月 2024

🚀 Big news at Ecofrost Peronnes! 🚀

We had a very productive meeting with France Travail to enthusiastically prepare the launch of our Ecofrost site in France 🇫🇷🎉🔹

Exciting Agenda:

  • 05/2024: Start of construction work 🏗️
  • 09/2024: Recruitment of forklift operators specialized in cold weather ❄️
  • 12/2024: Commissioning of our new freezer 🧊

👀 Stay tuned! Follow us for regular updates on our expansion.🌐 Discover our vacancies and join a dynamic team that makes a difference! More information here: Cold Production Forklift Operator at Ecofrost 🌟

#agrifood #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrost #goodwithpeople #familybusiness

21 五月 2024

📦 Meet David Raso , our forklift expert at Ecofrost! 📦

With 12 years of experience , David plays a crucial role in our supply chain and you are undoubtedly one of our pillars! 😊 Its precision and professionalism ensure smooth and secure internal logistics, thus helping to maintain our operational efficiency at the highest level. 🌟

A big thank you to David for his commitment and team spirit , which are essential to the success of our operations. 👏

Beautiful visualization to all of you. If you know someone around you who would also be interested in working as a forklift driver, like David, don't hesitate to apply by clicking here 👉 -production-cold-18

10 五月 2024

💙🤍❤️ Péronne, the work is progressing well! 💙🤍❤️

We are delighted to share with you some exclusive 📸 photos from the construction site of our Péronne factory 💙🤍❤️, so you can admire the progress made so far! 🏗️

As you can see, the work is progressing quickly ! 🚀

Stay tuned to our app 📱 so you don't miss any of the next steps!

#ecofrost #ecofrostfrance #agrifood #familybusiness

26 四月 2024

🍟Here is Patrick in full swing as an operator on the fry line at Ecofrost. 🍟

Patrick, thank you for your valuable work and your exceptional collaboration. With 21 years of experience, not only are you the most experienced in production, but without a doubt one of our pillars! 😊

👍Your dedication and know-how were essential to the making of our film. Thanks again, Patrick . 🌟

Beautiful visualization to all of you. If you know someone around you who would also be interested in working as a production operator, like Patrick, do not hesitate to apply by clicking here 👉 vacancies/production-operator 🚀🌟

24 四月 2024

2nd day of Food Fair at Singapore! 🍟 Seeing so many of you and can't wait for more to join! See you soon! 😃🍴

📅 Date: 23th to april 26th, 2024

📍 Venue: FHA Food and Beverage Exhibition in Singapore - Flanders Investment and Trade stand, booth 5G1- 01

#BelgianFries 🍟 #Singapore 🌸 #Ecofrost 🌍#FHA

23 四月 2024

🚗💡 New opportunity at Ecofrost: Driving change towards sustainability! 💚

We're seeing a growing trend: many talented candidates are still saving for their driver's license, a necessary step to landing a job and vice versa. To break this vicious circle, we are proud to announce an innovative turning point via our application - an inclusive carpooling module! 📱🤝

It's not just a question of accessibility, it's also our commitment to the planet 🌍. It contributes significantly to reducing our carbon footprint.

🌟 Together, let's move towards a greener and more inclusive future. Take the challenge, be part of the solution!

#sustainability #innovation #carpooling #inclusion #goodwithplanet #agrifood #ecofrost

19 四月 2024

🚧 Péronne, the work is progressing well! 🚀

Dear collaborators,

📸 We are delighted to share with you some photos showing the progress of the construction of our new factory on French soil! 💙

Continue to follow us to follow the progress of the work! 🤗

18 四月 2024

🍟🌟 Preparing for the new 2024 harvest 🌟🍟

Even though we have just started the second quarter of 2024, our thoughts are already turning to the next potato harvest 🥔

It is with enthusiasm that we share with you the preliminary details for this upcoming season:

  • Early potatoes: called early potatoes, are generally harvested from June/July . Planting then logically begins from March
  • Storage potatoes: are harvested from September and can be stored throughout the rest of the year. Traditionally, their planting starts in April 😎


As you know, this year brings its share of challenges . Excessive rain since last year has caused two major problems 💧:

  • some potatoes could not be harvested last year, which is currently mobilizing farmers to remove them from the fields. Obviously, these potatoes are no longer intended for human consumption 🚜
  • waterlogged soils have delayed the planting of potato plants for the 2024 harvest. However, we remain hopeful for milder weather conditions to make up for this delay 🌞

As Ecofrost is not infeasible , we would like to assure you that we will do everything possible to minimize the impact of weather conditions on our forecasts and the quality of our products 💪

Together, we are ready to face the challenges this season has in store for us and ensure a successful harvest for 2024 🙌

16 四月 2024

🎉 We are proud to announce that we have been selected to compete alongside four other companies to win the prestigious “ ZoHRO Award ”, which recognizes innovations in human resources. 🚀

So, this Friday, April 19 , we will be present in Ghent to present our internal communication application, the Ecofrost App ! 📱

We look forward to showing our audience how the Ecofrost App is revolutionizing the way we communicate within our business. 🌟

Here is Sébastien who started training as a packaging operator in factory A today. Good luck to him. 😀

#ecofrost #agrifood #familybusiness #goodwithpeople #goodwithtechnology

16 四月 2024

🌟 Join our team as a Project Engineer and boost our French fries production lines in Belgium and France.

🚀 Bring your expertise and shape the future of our family business!

Want to know more, apply here 👉

#agrifood #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrost #goodwithpeople

#family business

3 四月 2024

Ecofrost France 🎉

We had an excellent meeting with the Supplay recruitment agency 🌟!

Our factory in Péronne, which will soon launch into the production of frozen fries and specialties, will be located on the former Flodor site. Did you know that the Supplay agency was created in 1990 precisely at the request of the Flodor site to find collaborators? What a cool coincidence, isn't it? 😊

PS: Did you know that we plan to start our storage fridge at the end of 2024? The recruitment of forklift operators specializing in -18° cold will soon begin. Curious ? Click 👉👉

#agrifood #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrostperonne #goodwithpeople #familybusiness

3 四月 2024

🚀 Ecofrost Péronne - The work has started! 👷🏻‍♂️🧱

🚧 After the laying of the first stone of site C, we are proud to announce that the first ground work has also started for Ecofrost Péronne , and the first results are already before our eyes! 👀

We will keep you informed of the progress of the work as soon as we can. 🏗️

A little like for this great project full of exciting new challenges ? 👍🏻

#agrifood #productivity #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrostperonne #goodwithproduction

26 三月 2024

Our session on expansion at Ecofrost was really great! 😊

Not only was it enriching, but it was also super fun with such an interested and engaged audience. We learned a lot about the planned expansions in Belgium, France, ...

And all this accompanied by images showing the automations with the technical plans. 🌟

And as a bonus... a preview for Valentine's Day! ❤️

Psst... and happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones 💕💕

23 三月 2024

🍃🍟 Ecofrost France Works: Tree Planting 🍃🍟

In France, our activities are in full swing, with deep respect for our planet! We began the installation of our frozen fries production plant with a symbolic but significant action: the planting of trees.

This gesture illustrates our love and commitment to the environment. 🌳💚But this initiative only marks the beginning. Each tree planted symbolizes our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. Our goal is not only to prosper in our business activities, but also to ensure that our impact on nature is positive and beneficial. Through this project, we plan to revolutionize the world of frozen fries.

Join us in this delicious and responsible adventure! 🍟🏭🥔💚

#agrifood #productoffrance #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrost #goodwithplanet

7 三月 2024

Ecofrost France - Peronne.

Exclusively especially for your eyes. We are delighted to present to you the investment projects planned for France . A few articles have already appeared in the press, naturally giving rise to many questions. This is why we share with you, in all honor, this little video and images. 😊🍟

Start-up in France:

  • Start of work February 2024
  • Operational at the end of 2025, beginning of 2026

To your fries 😁🍟

30 一月 2024

You have probably already seen Matthieu Lenglet passing through the factory.

Matthieu is our partner in the new factory in Peronne to be built. He is on an internship with us 1 day a week to learn the craft of making fries and specialties.🍟🍟

If you meet him, don’t hesitate to show him your place of work 😉