About Ecofrost

Company profile

We are a reliable producer and supplier of high-quality frozen french fries, frozen specialties and dry flakes, which we produce coming from from various potato farmers. We focus on our customers’ requirements and supply them with safe products processed in an automatized and innovative way. Our aim is to grow profitably, meet our ecological and social responsibilities and grow our company sustainably and healthy.

Target groups

The full range can be offered in your label. Smaller volumes can be offered in our own brand. Ecofrost mainly has the following target groups:


Our products are sold through retailers in hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash & carries, stores, distribution platforms...


Ecofrost also focuses on customers in the food service, such as restaurants, take-away, hotels, schools, fast food, hospitals...


We offer our products in bulk, these can be used in prepared meals or repacked to resell.


From potato to French Fries

By using the newest technology, we are able to offer you a high quality product - a product with a rich taste, nice texture and a crispy feel.
Drying, frying & freezing


The key to success

Customer satisfaction is our main goal and quality is the key to achievement. Therefore the strictest standards of hygiene areimplemented. Furthermore, an extended HACCP system is fully operative and awarded with a BRC, IFS and certificate of autocontrol of the FASFC.

Ecofrost inc. does her upper best to prepare a high quality product. To make sure our products are fried to perfection, you can find some helpful tips ‘the golden frying recipe’ on www.goodfries.eu. This means everyone will be able to fry in order to get a nutritional, good tasting potato product.

New: Recently we received the AEO certificate. The concrete benefits are easier access to customs simplifications, less physical and document controls, priority treatment if the container was selected for control. These benefits will prioritize our container shipments and ensure fast delivery.
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